Your workers will make mistakes. That is a fact of running a business, no matter how frustrating or even unpleasant it can be to resolve common mistakes and the issues that are created from them. It is essential that you tackle these mistakes head-on and know how to deal with them properly to reduce the chances that they’ll occur in the future.

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Let’s take a closer look at 3 of the most common worker mistakes you will see in your business and the best solution for each mistake.

Mistake: Not communicating effectively

Solution: Ineffective communication can lead to a host of problems. Ineffective communication includes not communicating promptly, leaving out important information, or not making it clear that there are certain expectations with work that can or cannot be met within a certain time frame. In order to resolve this mistake, you need to give employees a baseline for communication. Train them to treat every communication as a checklist: did you communicate the scope of the project well enough? Did you bring up any deadlines? And so on; these questions will help employees communicate more effectively in the long term.

Mistake: Hiding bad feedback and issues

Solution:  It can be unfortunately common for employees to hide bad feedback, whether it’s bad feedback from a client due to their work performance or even bad feedback they have about an aspect of the job or workplace. This mistake can cause everything from an unharmonious workplace to lost clients, so it’s important that you address it right away. The best solution for this mistake is to encourage employees to be open and honest with you at all times; build trust by not punishing workers for speaking up and admitting mistakes, as this will make it more likely for them to stay quiet in the future.

Mistake: Not finishing products in a timely manner

Solution: Sometimes workers just aren’t able to get projects done on time. And unfortunately, late work can have serious consequences, both for long-term clients and shorter finances. To address this mistake, you need to make sure you are giving your employees enough time to get work done and that you are teaching them how to manage their time effectively. You can reduce the chances for late work by introducing micro-deadlines that they have to meet along the way, so they will stay on track.


The above mistakes are 3 of the most common mistakes that workers will make in the workplace. While they can be frustrating, if you take the time to resolve them in a professional manner, you will see that your employees will begin to make less mistakes—and improve their overall work performance—over time.