Once your contract in a commercial space is over, and you decide to move your business to another location, you expect that the transaction will be smooth. Although it might not happen, because moving is complex, you can at least minimise the possibility of having serious issues.

For instance, if you leased the office space for two years, you probably signed a contract with the landlord. You could end up with conflicts as you decide to vacate the place unless you do these things to avoid them from happening.

Inform the landlord in advance 

Go back to your contract and check how early you need to inform the landlord about the plan not to renew the contract. If you do not notify the landlord that you are not renewing the deal, the landlord will assume that you will. Although he cannot do anything if you decide not to continue, you might end the partnership with conflicts.

The landlord will also want to find someone else to rent the space if you are leaving, and show the place to that person so that as soon as you leave the new company will come in. Your landlord might also want to negotiate the new terms with you if you decide to stay. Failure to inform in advance will deny the landlord that opportunity.

Repair everything you broke 

It is normal to have wear-and-tear issues if you rented the office space for several years. You can reread the contract to determine what wear-and-tear the landlord can accept. If you damaged anything that is unacceptable, you need to repair it. Whether it is the wall paint or a doorknob, you need to fix the problem; otherwise, your landlord will deduct the repair cost from the deposit that you paid at the beginning of the lease. It is better for you to ask someone to do any repairs since you will be in control of the service fees.

Find someone to clean the office 

When you leased the space, it was empty unless the furniture was part of the package. You want to leave the place in the same condition. Although things might have changed over the years, you want the landlord to feel that the space still looks the same. Therefore, you need to find a cleaning company to do general cleaning, in all areas in the office. Segregating and recycling of waste also needs to be a part of the service. You do not want to leave any stuff behind that could spark a problem between you and the landlord. You can check www.twinkleclean.co for more information regarding the availability of end of tenancy cleaning services.

Say thank you 

You decided to move your office because your company grew and it needs to accommodate more employees. The expansion happened because you had a comfortable working space. You can thank your landlord for allowing you to build your company from scratch in their office space.